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that’s amore

Mary walked down the night city street with a head full of worries and a fistful of nerves, her heels clicking against the pavement.  She was headed to her first blind date in years, set up by her kindly neighbor, … Continue reading

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musings of serial quitter: part 1

Nov 24, 2011 9:02 pm That’s it. I’ve had enough. All this junk food, coffee and cigarettes have gone to my head. I feel like a PMS-ing bipolar having a depressive episode…on crack. Not to mention the acne and the … Continue reading

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bored: a brief story

“I’m so bored.” The girl said from the couch. She lay there, feet resting on one armrest, arms stretched overhead, her pale hands grasping the opposite end. The TV flashed in front of her. Beach, cereal, Viagra. Housewives with alcoholism, cereal, Chili’s, cars, … Continue reading

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