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I cried because the snake ate the mice shining shimmering scaled serpent  slithering in the limelight the villain gets the applause the villain gets the crown better a villain than the devil you don’t know and may the mice know … Continue reading

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if you really are in love truly without a doubt I am rooting for you let your bones and muscles be strong to chase the prize to the end of the earth always just beyond arm’s reach you can almost… … Continue reading

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Proust Questionnaire

Since I’ve never done the Proust questionnaire, I wanted to start an experiment where I take it every year to see if personality shifts post age 30, or remains pretty much fixed. I know this will seem rather self-indulgent, so … Continue reading

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mock copy

Today my very thoughtful boyfriend brought me back a chocolate bar from the grocery store. I had been eating a mostly raw, vegan, sugar/booze/caffeine-free diet for a month, so I was really looking forward to the break from such extreme … Continue reading

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