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sometimes I can’t breath sometimes I have nothing to give you dig to china every time (I’m not an angel I’m not a native speaker) and you want me to read your mind Advertisements

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This article helped me realize how much I crave, love, need a reasonable level of interaction with others regarding the acknowledgement of the spiritual plane.  I want to get kooky again. I want to get spooky.

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Fuller is what we seek fuller and fuller until we explode stetched neon rubber ever expanding and expanding pop pop pop pop (tell me that’s what I want)

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 2014, as told by Wallace Stevens

early 2015, too   

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If I devoted as much energy to my career as I did stupid, ambivalent men, I’d be a powerful millionaire by now. The worst part is, I don’t even think about the men I obsessed over. On the rare occasion … Continue reading

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