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These days

Why is it so difficult to find another human that: 1. Is bangable 2. Shares a similar world view 3. Gets my humor 4. Wants to lay around & eat food sometimes 5. Wants to eat really healthy and exercise … Continue reading

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we aren’t the first and we won’t be the last to grasp for the magic that resides in the past

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you can spin your tragic web revel in your loneliness call up girl after girl confiding your dark “secrets” so many secrets for so many keys you’re the poor man unfit for love so tragically incapable of loyalty and you … Continue reading

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30 day fucking healthy fitness challenge

Are you fat and lazy? Well on your way? Feeling a little old? Worn down? Given up on love? Do my fucking 30 day health challenge. I made it up with the aid of red wine, the beginning of a … Continue reading

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