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foreign visage and a familiar body breath stifled and eyes shut so tight we are a product of our choices. that place just between your eyes dead between your ears may be where you find your truth freedom on a … Continue reading

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Getting started

Finally getting started on the novel. Gonna join the ranks of my other creative-but-not-quite-artistically-inclined-and-oh-so-special peers. I won’t forget to drop said novel into every social conversation I have from this moment on. I’ll complain about how soul-crushing the process is. … Continue reading

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Lessons in Romance

It’s been five/six months since I last fell hard for someone. He was just my type: artsy, whimsical, poetic, in a transition phase, sad, confused, emotionally unavailable. We saw each other pretty casually for about a month, he ghosted before … Continue reading

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Haikuku 5280

mountains to the right suffocating on thin air prairies to the left my purgatory be it self-imposed or chance has come to an end

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ego egot

In my dreams I follow through on every impulse. Every person I’m thinking of gets notified. I’m honest with my feelings, open as a book. They’re pleasantly disarmed and flattered. I flit about with no real home or destination, like … Continue reading

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on repeat

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today’s jam

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life begins

so many words wasted energy expelled brick walls and wet cemet spinning┬átall promises sycophantic seeking as the vulture runs and runs from the black tar innards gone are the days of wide-eyed whimsy the truth hardened the bones fascia and … Continue reading

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