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Haikuku 26

the palms of my hands glow with pink light summoned straight from the vast cosmos … girlish excitement now escaping containment leaking fingertips … new tastes, smells, sights, sounds innate yearning encompassed throughout my life force Advertisements

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tres fab

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Everyone is lonely. Rare exceptions. But it’s preferable to be alone in bed, cuddled against your pillows… …than clutching desperately to a person who doesn’t put you at ease. So tonight, just as many other nights, I’m doing just fine. … Continue reading

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saw off the tip top scooping out blood red innards discarding body

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your bones vanished swiftly and shockingly into the warm night your flesh jiggles soft apricot ripples ascending and descending waves on the coast waving goodbye may be a challenge as your muscles conform to soil you slither on your belly … Continue reading

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just give me a clean template breakfasts and baby talk smushed face and midnight giggles words on the parchment tinier and tinier until they vanish into the page burning haystacks and hot springs hand in thick mane howling into the … Continue reading

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this revolutionary

Has anyone asked Sean Paul, sultry dancer and hair icon, for his commentary on the new marijuana laws?

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regrets include: a cast of missed encounters a series of potential connections spread out across the planet I’m all tapped out my morals prevent me from any extraneous detail any flowery words inside will be locked away

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who knows

to dip my hand in the palette rub oil between 3 fingers and rejoice in the inner city dark emeralds and shades of brown but he put his foot down razor journeyed down the back ruddy hands removed skeleton to … Continue reading

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this ever present image replays in my head boiling my blood flickering neon glow derailing the restructure of my naive mind

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