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Everyone is…(observations of the extreme intuitive)

1. Desiring of love (aka validation of their personal significance) 2. Scared as shit 3. Lonely And I fall half in love with almost every well-dressed, intelligent person who reveals this inherent truth to me. Advertisements

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So Fresh & So Clean, clean

As much as I like to try and assess people based on their actions and their character, there will ALWAYS be a soft spot in my a heart for the well-dressed. The ability to match colors, cuts, and fabrics with … Continue reading

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Love: simplified (The “I’m not bitter 2014” tour continues)

How does one fall in love? Here’s the breakdown: 25% chemistry/physical attraction 15% familiarity/safety/comfortability 10% shared interests/intellectual connection 50% desperation/receptivity/mental illness    

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