while you were creating false starts…

I fell in love

laid in the roots

held a child

forged a sisterhood

painted my breasts

found magic in in the greenbelt

swam in a river

let the sun bake my skin

imagined a world of endless possibility

the future is mine to have and to hold


welcome to the beginning of your decay

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snakin you, Danny

where do you lie

my little scorpion?

in what dark hole

do you rest your stinger?

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We are the broken ones

Of crooked bones

And fragile souls

An ear to the ocean

And a face to the sky

To let go is to burn up

And to hold on is to whither

And I’m here facing the void

Waiting for you to tell me what to do

Because I am a coward

And so are you

And we are all that’s left

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I perform the cut

sporadically, but religiously

whenever I look behind

or within

or when I embrace the dark

you see, pain is fabricated

love is too

with careful training

we create homeostasis

magic is a filter

pairing well with dark

the ever so intoxicating pull

of the cosmic mirage

cut, cut, cut

and it grows back and withers

each time weaker and weaker

until fine baby strands remain

breaking off in the tiniest of breezes

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love is supernatural

to love is to believe 

in swirly twirly fairies

ghost ghouls and goblins

magic in the sunshine

and terror in the night

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she posted a picture of her lover

asleep in their bed

his eyes closed in serene bliss

face toward the lens,

a witness to the tender vulnerability

and all I saw was a smelly man

mouth open

potentially soiling 

the delicate pillowcase

and this is why love evades me

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there is fear in our faces, our silence

we spend the days like friends

the nights like strangers

our limbs barely brushing

as we sleep side by side

I think we needed a life vest

(I know I needed the life vest)

but now I can swim.

floating in the salt water,

there are several islands in sight

but I can’t move a muscle

until I let go

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I cried because the snake ate the mice

shining shimmering scaled serpent 

slithering in the limelight

the villain gets the applause

the villain gets the crown

better a villain

than the devil you don’t know

and may the mice know paradise

in the great beyond

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if you really are in love

truly without a doubt

I am rooting for you

let your bones and muscles be strong

to chase the prize to the end of the earth

always just beyond arm’s reach

you can almost…


if you stretch enough…

your fingertips just brushed it

soft, silky smooth

the texture of daydreams

the material if heaven

the stuff of sonnets

and one day

just before your legs give out

it’ll be in your weary grasp

yours to take 

yours to triump

it’s all I want for you

it’s all I want for all

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